More Bullet Journal Ideas

This week, I am planning ahead on my bullet journal. I have created another weekly spread along with a monthly view for the month of February. For this weekly spread, I also used rose gold and silver washi tap to emphasize the separation between each day. I also have different color borders to separate eachContinue reading “More Bullet Journal Ideas”

My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021

As I am about to enter my last semester of college, I once again have online classes. This means that my at home desk set up is even more critical. I value comfort, productivity and good vibes. Here are some of my favorites: I have discovered that I love studying and reading by candle light.Continue reading “My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021”

Bullet Journal Ideas February

As we are almost one month into 2021, I have already started to prep my bullet journal for February. February is one of my favorite months so I wanted to have some extra special headers. I mostly wanted to stick to the color schemes of blue, pink, red, and purple. I wanted to make eachContinue reading “Bullet Journal Ideas February”

Winter Break Hobbies

This has definitely been the busiest winter break of my life. I have discovered three new hobbies that have helped greatly with coping with the limited social interaction due to COVID-19. My three hobbies are bullet journaling, Procreate designs, and my food account. Bullet Journaling Growing up, I loved journaling. I would write about myContinue reading “Winter Break Hobbies”

More Bullet Journal Designs

I have created two more spreads for my bullet journal this week. In addition, I included a photo for reference of exactly what colored pens and pencils I use. I thought it would be fun to make a holiday spread to showcase some of my favorite activities to do during the holidays. Some that IContinue reading “More Bullet Journal Designs”

More Bullet Journal Ideas January

One of my favorite activities to do this winter break is designing my bullet journal. Here are a few more headers and other designs that I have made: I think that starting off the month with different headers is a very aesthetic way to section off the notebook. I also wanted to include monthly goalsContinue reading “More Bullet Journal Ideas January”

Bullet Journal Ideas December

Another one of my creative hobbies recently has been bullet journaling. I have always loved journaling. I have had journals since I was in 6th grade. I briefly took a pause in college but now have rediscovered my passion during quarantine. The difference between bullet journaling and actual journaling is that bullet journal is moreContinue reading “Bullet Journal Ideas December”

How to stay busy with social distancing

With the coronavirus situation becoming increasingly more serious, it is crucial that we take precautions and try to limit the spread as much as possible. One of the best practices is social distancing. Since flying back home a couple days ago, I have been staying at my house and trying to limit unnecessary physical contactContinue reading “How to stay busy with social distancing”

Some super cool hobbies

Since this is a personal blog, I want to share some of my hobbies over the years. As a college student, it is super hard to balance everything. However, I always try to make time for my hobbies as it helps me relax and destress. Photography I have been taking pictures since I got anContinue reading “Some super cool hobbies”

Why I decided to make my own website

A few months ago, one of my friends suggested that I should start my own website to showcase all of my writing. My friends knew that I loved writing articles for fun and suggested that I should have my own platform to write and talk about whatever I want without being limited. They were awareContinue reading “Why I decided to make my own website”