My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021

As I am about to enter my last semester of college, I once again have online classes. This means that my at home desk set up is even more critical. I value comfort, productivity and good vibes. Here are some of my favorites: I have discovered that I love studying and reading by candle light.Continue reading “My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021”

Bullet Journal Ideas January

As I continue to pursue my hobby in bullet journaling, I have created new layouts for the month of January. Here is an example of my weekly spread along with a monthly theme. For this month, I used a theme of sparklers. I used handlettering pens to outline the design and then colored them usingContinue reading “Bullet Journal Ideas January”

How to stay productive while working from home

This summer I have learned many tips on productivity and how to remain focused throughout the day. Here are some of my suggestions: Take small breaks throughout the day. Go outside. It is super important to get that daily Vitamin D. You could just go on your balcony for a few minutes or go onContinue reading “How to stay productive while working from home”

Calming Activities after a long day

This summer, I have been working 40 hours a week. When the day is over, all I want to do is just relax and destress. Here are some of my tips. These are also social-distancing friendly! Take a walk During my walks, I have explored much more of Midtown Atlanta and taken note of theContinue reading “Calming Activities after a long day”

College Do’s and Dont’s

As I am about to finish my third year of college, I have reflected on the many lessons that I have learned throughout. I have compiled a do and don’ts list for future college students so they can have as fun or even better time than me. Do’s: (The order which these are numbered doesContinue reading “College Do’s and Dont’s”

My Favorite Clothing Brands for College

When I moved from Arizona to Georgia for college, I had to re-do my entire wardrobe. I was used to triple digit heat and wearing tank tops and shorts in the summer. I barely owned any sweaters, cardigans, rain boots, winter coats, or an umbrella. As a result, I did a bunch of research intoContinue reading “My Favorite Clothing Brands for College”

Must Have Apps in College

As I am approaching graduation (Fall 2020 woo hoo!!), I have started to reflect on the most important apps that have proved to be essential to my daily routine. Here are a list of my favorite apps: Venmo-this is the easiest way to exchange money between your friends. It is connected directly to your bankContinue reading “Must Have Apps in College”

Social Distancing: My experience

This is now my third week of social distancing. I have been staying inside my house and only going on walks in my neighborhood about once a day to get some fresh air. My days have been busy with online classes. In addition, I have much more free time than I would normally for inContinue reading “Social Distancing: My experience”

Working from Home

This past week has been a bit of an adjustment for me. I have been home from college for about a week now and it’s been different. Unlike the other school breaks I have spent at home, this time I have to be doing a lot of online work and work for my lab remotely.Continue reading “Working from Home”