My experience with Tik Tok

As social distancing measures continue, I have found different ways to keep myself entertained. Netflix parties, zoom calls with friends, embroidering, and Animal Crossing are just some examples. I have finally decided to get on the bandwagon of Tik Tok after hearing several of my friends getting addicted to the app. I originally had myContinue reading “My experience with Tik Tok”

Why I finally deleted Snapchat

I previously wrote about “How Social Media has influenced my life”. In this article, I talked about how the negative impacts of social media. Last night, I finally deleted the social media platform that I use the most, Snapchat. I made this decision after much thought. This choice was not easy as I have beenContinue reading “Why I finally deleted Snapchat”

Finding Modern Love

With all this technology in our lives from touch screen laptops to buttonless iPhones, our daily lives have changed drastically. This also means that the way of finding love also changes. Online dating has become more popular than ever. The number of dating apps have skyrocketed and consists of Tinder, Bumble and many others. InContinue reading “Finding Modern Love”

How Social Media has Influenced My Life

Six years ago, my life changed dramatically. I joined the world of social media. Okay, so you may be thinking that I am being dramatic. But I am not. The impact of social media on our lives is often overlooked. People just accept their dependence on social media and fail to consider the consequences. SocialContinue reading “How Social Media has Influenced My Life”