My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021

As I am about to enter my last semester of college, I once again have online classes. This means that my at home desk set up is even more critical. I value comfort, productivity and good vibes. Here are some of my favorites: I have discovered that I love studying and reading by candle light.Continue reading “My Desk Aesthetic Spring 2021”

My Must Haves Fall 2020 edition

This year with online zoom classes, I have been trying to make my office space much more cozy but also productive. Here are a few tools and items that have helped me tremendously. IPad Air 4th generation (green color) Throughout the first three years of college, I used notebooks for note taking. I didn’t realizeContinue reading “My Must Haves Fall 2020 edition”

How to make the most of Snow Days

At Emory University, snow days are a luxury. Growing up in Arizona, I never experienced a snow day. I came to Emory extremely unprepared for cold weather. When I heard that class was being cancelled due to snow, my friends and I were ecstatic. Since snow days are very rare, it is important to makeContinue reading “How to make the most of Snow Days”