Cooking Part 1

During college, I have been trying my best with cooking. I usually stick to easy and quick recipes. For the chicken pasta salad dish, I boiled pasta and added avocado, fully cooked chicken from Costco, tomato and salt and pepper. This probably took 30 minutes to make. Boiling the pasta was the longest and theContinue reading “Cooking Part 1”

My 2 Favorite Toast Recipes

During college, I follow a predominantly carb based diet. I value simplicity when it comes to meal prep and cooking. Here are two of my favorite toast recipes that are super nutritious and easy to prep: For the first toast on the left, the ingredients I used include wheat bread, cranberry goat cheese from Costco,Continue reading “My 2 Favorite Toast Recipes”

College Friendly and Healthy Dinner Recipes

This summer, I have tried to eat healthy and stay fit. I used to not like cooking at all since I thought it took too much effort and time. However, my parents taught me two super easy dishes that I can cook in the comfort of my own apartment with very little time. For theContinue reading “College Friendly and Healthy Dinner Recipes”

My Healthy Go-To Quarantine Snacks

During these months of social distancing, I have been very busy with online classes and also have started to live a more health lifestyle. I try to exercise every day by going on the treadmill for thirty minutes. I also maintain a healthy diet. Here are some of my healthy go-to quarantine snacks: Sweet PotatoContinue reading “My Healthy Go-To Quarantine Snacks”