Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of my absolute favorite spots in Atlanta is the Botanical Garden. During my last three years of college, I would go at least twice a year for photoshoots with friends. Most recently, my friend and I went to their Alice in Wonderland Reimagined exhibit. This was the perfect social-distancing activity. Since the garden isContinue reading “Atlanta Botanical Garden”

Favorite ATL photos

This summer, I have been very into photography and always bring my iPhone XS or my Fujifilm Instax Mini camera with me at all times. I have written many articles already about some of my Atlanta adventures this summer. Here are some of my favorite shots. (I took all of these photos on my iphone)Continue reading “Favorite ATL photos”

Photos with Instax Mini 11 Part 2

During my summer in Atlanta, I have been trying to do as many photoshoots as I can. I love bringing my camera with me as I go on walks and picnics. I have previously written an article about my experience with my camera in Arizona. Here are some of my shots from my Georgia adventures.Continue reading “Photos with Instax Mini 11 Part 2”

Scrapbooking: Italy Edition

Throughout my childhood, I loved scrapbooking. I made scrapbooks of all my vacations and high school years. It was a bit hard to keep up during college. However, recently I decided to improve some of my old scrapbooks. Here are some tips on how to make your scrapbook extra special. This is from my ItalyContinue reading “Scrapbooking: Italy Edition”

My Hobbies During Social-Distancing

During these past few months of social distancing, I have found myself rediscovering old hobbies and learning new ones. Most of these hobbies are related to art or photography. Here is a list of hobbies that I have enjoyed: Capturing photos using my FujiFilm Instax Mini 11 Camera: I have always loved taking photos onContinue reading “My Hobbies During Social-Distancing”

Three more AZ adventures

During the last two weeks, I have started to explore the outdoors in Arizona some more. I have done mini photoshoots with friends at Old Town Scottsdale, Fountain Hills Park, and Tempe Beach Park. Here are some of my snapshots. Some were taken by my iPhone XS while others were shot using my Fujifilm InstaxContinue reading “Three more AZ adventures”

Photos with Instax mini 11

During the last week, I have been doing photoshoots with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera. My favorite is taking pictures of landscapes and people. I have learned many lessons through the trial and errors of taking polaroid photos. Here is a collection of some of my best photos so far: Most of these photosContinue reading “Photos with Instax mini 11”

San Francisco Part 3

During these weeks of social distancing, I have been reminiscing on my past travels. I have already written two articles regarding my adventures during my 2018 San Francisco trip: San Francisco Part 1 and San Francisco Part 2. However, I recently found some more of my photos during that trip. One of the few museumsContinue reading “San Francisco Part 3”

Italy Cinque Terre Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

For my next Photoshop adventure, I decided to edit some of my photos from my 2017 Italy Cinque Terre trip. Here are the edits and an explanation of how I did them: For my Cinque Terre images, I applied a dry brush filter from the filter gallery. I also adjusted the hue and saturation toContinue reading “Italy Cinque Terre Reimagined: Photoshop Edition”

Arizona Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

For my next Photoshop adventure, I decided to edit some photos of Arizona. Here are two of a sunset and Sedona. Feel free to check out more of my edits here. For the Sedona photo, I used the Poster Edge filter from the Filter Gallery. I then changed the Hue and Saturation. This picture isContinue reading “Arizona Reimagined: Photoshop Edition”