My Holiday Watch List

This winter break I have been watching plenty of holiday movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are some of my favorites: Netflix: –Bridgerton series. This series came out on Christmas day and I binged all 8 episodes within two days. I love tv shows and movies about the 19th century English lifestyle. In addition, IContinue reading “My Holiday Watch List”

My Favorite TV Shows RN

This semester, I have not had as much time to watch tv as previous semesters. However, I still made it through two series: Emily in Paris and the award-winning Schitt’s Creek. Both of these are on Netflix. Emily in Paris is about a young American girl named Emily (portrayed by Lily Collins) who moves toContinue reading “My Favorite TV Shows RN”

Why I love TV shows about small towns

I have written many articles about some of my favorite shows over the years such as Friends, How I met your mother, Sex in the City, and Psych. However, my go-to shows are always about small town living. Three examples are Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, and the newly released Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. IContinue reading “Why I love TV shows about small towns”

My Social-Distancing TV show list

During these past few months, I have been able to play catch up on some of my favorite shows and start some new ones. I primarily watch shows on three streaming services: Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. This article is a continuation of My Watchlist during social distancing week 4. Here are some of myContinue reading “My Social-Distancing TV show list”

Lessons during social-distancing

With another week of social-distancing down, I have learned a lot of lessons. I haven’t left my house except for my daily runs in my neighborhood for the past month. One of the lessons I have learned is to appreciate nature. The flowers in my front and back yard have been blooming and I loveContinue reading “Lessons during social-distancing”

My Watchlist during week 4 of social distancing

During these weeks of social distancing, I have caught up on a bunch of Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are just some of my favorites: Kim’s Convenience Store Season 4 (Netflix) This Canadian based TV is about a Korean family who owns a convenience store. It focuses on the relationship betweenContinue reading “My Watchlist during week 4 of social distancing”

Social Distancing: My experience

This is now my third week of social distancing. I have been staying inside my house and only going on walks in my neighborhood about once a day to get some fresh air. My days have been busy with online classes. In addition, I have much more free time than I would normally for inContinue reading “Social Distancing: My experience”

TV Show Recommendations During Social-Distancing

During the recommended social-distancing, one of my favorite things to do is catch up on old TV shows. (see post How to stay busy with social distancing). Here are a list of my favorite shows: The Good Wife (Amazon Prime) This show is about a stay-at-home mother, Alicia Florrick, who has to go back aContinue reading “TV Show Recommendations During Social-Distancing”

Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls

During my childhood, there have been a couple of shows that I have watched over and over again and still manage to fall in love each time. These shows include Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Gilmore Girls. I am currently in my third run of the Gilmore Girls show. Unlike popular opinion, IContinue reading “Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls”