My Holiday Watch List

This winter break I have been watching plenty of holiday movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are some of my favorites: Netflix: –Bridgerton series. This series came out on Christmas day and I binged all 8 episodes within two days. I love tv shows and movies about the 19th century English lifestyle. In addition, IContinue reading “My Holiday Watch List”

Holiday Fun COVID-safe

Here is my guide to how to still have fun during the holidays with family and friend with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Treating yourself: One of my favorite self-care activities in the evenings is eating Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and watching a Christmas movie. A recent Christmas movie that I have watchedContinue reading “Holiday Fun COVID-safe”

My Watchlist during week 4 of social distancing

During these weeks of social distancing, I have caught up on a bunch of Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are just some of my favorites: Kim’s Convenience Store Season 4 (Netflix) This Canadian based TV is about a Korean family who owns a convenience store. It focuses on the relationship betweenContinue reading “My Watchlist during week 4 of social distancing”