To the one that got away

Each December, I reunite with some of my friends from high school. They remind me of all the fun moments like prom and graduation. In highsight, I wish I spent more time getting to know more people in my class. There was this one guy in particular that looking back at was definitely the oneContinue reading “To the one that got away”

Lessons I have learned from watching Sex in the City

This is the semester of rewatching various shows. I have already gone through Friends, Gilmore Girls, and New Girl. I have now moved on to rewatching Sex in the City. This show is very different from the previous three shows as it is much more relationship focused and less family friendly. It is about aContinue reading “Lessons I have learned from watching Sex in the City”

Best Chinese Shows

As a Chinese American, I try my best to be connected to Chinese culture and practice my Chinese. One of the easiest ways for me to do this is by watching Chinese shows. I find most of these on Youtube. They are super fun and interesting. Most importantly, some of the story lines are relatableContinue reading “Best Chinese Shows”

How to Love yourself in College

During these past three years of college, the most important lesson I have learned is that in order to achieve your full potential, you have to first learn how to love yourself. I do have to admit this journey has not been easy and it still is a work in progress. However, it is definitelyContinue reading “How to Love yourself in College”

Finding Modern Love

With all this technology in our lives from touch screen laptops to buttonless iPhones, our daily lives have changed drastically. This also means that the way of finding love also changes. Online dating has become more popular than ever. The number of dating apps have skyrocketed and consists of Tinder, Bumble and many others. InContinue reading “Finding Modern Love”

Why I am obsessed with New Girl

During my junior year as a way of making sure I stay on track of all of my school work and not get distracted by new TV shows, I am only rewatching shows. I have already gone through all ten seasons of Friends and all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. I am slowly making myContinue reading “Why I am obsessed with New Girl”

It’s okay to focus on yourself

I have already written several posts about how difficult junior year has been. It has challenged me socially, emotionally, academically, and professionally. I have not talked a lot about the backstory behind all of this. I still really won’t but will provide more context about who I am. I have learned more about myself thanContinue reading “It’s okay to focus on yourself”

Why I love Taylor Swift, and so should you

I grew up listening to Taylor Swift. I saw her rise to fame and how she managed to build an empire for herself. It is pretty amazing that even after several years later, she still is the queen of pop. I saw her transition from country to pop music and I know that some peopleContinue reading “Why I love Taylor Swift, and so should you”

Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls

During my childhood, there have been a couple of shows that I have watched over and over again and still manage to fall in love each time. These shows include Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Gilmore Girls. I am currently in my third run of the Gilmore Girls show. Unlike popular opinion, IContinue reading “Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls”