Lake Lanier July 4th Weekend

This weekend, I drove to Lake Lanier about an hour north of Atlanta to visit a friend. Lake Lanier is the biggest lake in Georgia. I was very surprised at how easy the drive was and how parking was very easy to find. My friend and I had a mini picnic near the lake andContinue reading “Lake Lanier July 4th Weekend”

Prescott Arizona Road Trip

Last summer, my friend and I took an amazing day trip to Prescott Arizona. It is located about two hours away from Phoenix. It was such a nice escape from the city’s triple digit heat. Here are some of our snapshots and activities that we did: Our own way to Prescott, we stopped by theContinue reading “Prescott Arizona Road Trip”

Must-See Destinations in Arizona

I spent my entire childhood in Arizona. I have really learned how to appreciate its unique desert beauty. Here are a list of my favorite places around the state of Arizona. Many of these places are excellent day trips: Sedona I have previously showed my love for this place in an article called Devil’s Bridge.Continue reading “Must-See Destinations in Arizona”