Lessons I have learned during social-distancing

It has now been two whole months since I have started incorporating social-distancing in my normal routine. It has been a huge adjustment on my part. It helped me grow a lot and reflect on myself. Here are some of the lessons that I have learned: We are all in this together Everyone has beenContinue reading “Lessons I have learned during social-distancing”

Cooking my way through Social-Distancing

As I have almost reached two full months of social-distancing, I have explored various different hobbies such as embroidery, painting, and oil pastel. I recently have gotten into cooking. I especially enjoy making dishes that have fruits in them. Here are two dishes I made recently: smoothie bowl and fruit bruschetta. Here is the recipeContinue reading “Cooking my way through Social-Distancing”

TV Show Recommendations During Social-Distancing

During the recommended social-distancing, one of my favorite things to do is catch up on old TV shows. (see post How to stay busy with social distancing). Here are a list of my favorite shows: The Good Wife (Amazon Prime) This show is about a stay-at-home mother, Alicia Florrick, who has to go back aContinue reading “TV Show Recommendations During Social-Distancing”

A Desert Christmas

Every year, I am always very into the Christmas spirit. I have gone to different holiday celebrations such as Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo, Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights, Lights of the World celebration, and World of Illumination drive through experience. This year, my friends and family took a much more low-key celebration. MyContinue reading “A Desert Christmas”

What a summer in my hometown taught me

This summer I had a 12 week internship in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. I have lived here since I was four years old. It is located about half hour drive from downtown Phoenix. It features the typical Arizona desert landscape with cacti dotting the earth and palo verde trees overshadowing bushes. Its signature tripleContinue reading “What a summer in my hometown taught me”