College Friendly and Healthy Dinner Recipes

This summer, I have tried to eat healthy and stay fit. I used to not like cooking at all since I thought it took too much effort and time. However, my parents taught me two super easy dishes that I can cook in the comfort of my own apartment with very little time. For theContinue reading “College Friendly and Healthy Dinner Recipes”

Cooking in College

In college, there are so many things to worry about from classes to social life to job searching. Learning how to be independent and take care of your self is a huge priority. This semester, I devoted a substantial amount of time to learn how to cook. Not only does cooking save much more moneyContinue reading “Cooking in College”

Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times

College midterms season is rough. With exams and essays for almost every class, everything can seem super overwhelming. You probably are in a constant state of tiredness because of staying up super late to study. In addition, you’re probably drinking lots of caffeine. I know that probably the easiest way to stay up is toContinue reading “Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times”

Some Self-Care Tips

This semester has been the busiest semester of my life. I recently just switched majors, joined three new clubs along with a research lab, and moved into a new apartment. I have been also trying to meet new people and spending time with old ones. However, it is easy to get lost among all theContinue reading “Some Self-Care Tips”