College Do’s and Dont’s

As I am about to finish my third year of college, I have reflected on the many lessons that I have learned throughout. I have compiled a do and don’ts list for future college students so they can have as fun or even better time than me. Do’s: (The order which these are numbered doesContinue reading “College Do’s and Dont’s”

Why I love my high school friends

I am so lucky to have my high school friends. Even though we are all spread across the country from Arizona to California to Texas to Louisiana, we all still stay in contact and help each other out with the ups and downs of college life. They are always there for me and provide unconditionalContinue reading “Why I love my high school friends”

To my College Friends

This year I am extremely thankful for the amazing group of college friends I have. After my first heartbreak, my friends no matter where they were or how busy, they rushed to my side. They were thinking of me and checking in whether it was a text message, a phone call or making time forContinue reading “To my College Friends”

The Hardest Lessons I have Learned as a 20 Year Old

From taking classes to learning how to to be independent, being a college adult is hard. I have learned so much this past year from my friends and family. I also learned a lot more about myself. I feel more comfortable and confident with who I am. Here are some lessons that I think everyoneContinue reading “The Hardest Lessons I have Learned as a 20 Year Old”

What a summer in my hometown taught me

This summer I had a 12 week internship in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. I have lived here since I was four years old. It is located about half hour drive from downtown Phoenix. It features the typical Arizona desert landscape with cacti dotting the earth and palo verde trees overshadowing bushes. Its signature tripleContinue reading “What a summer in my hometown taught me”