My Favorite TV Shows RN

This semester, I have not had as much time to watch tv as previous semesters. However, I still made it through two series: Emily in Paris and the award-winning Schitt’s Creek. Both of these are on Netflix. Emily in Paris is about a young American girl named Emily (portrayed by Lily Collins) who moves toContinue reading “My Favorite TV Shows RN”

Summer ATL Eats

This summer, one of my favorite activities is going to eat at restaurants with patios with my friends. Even before quarantine, I was a major foodie. Here are some of my newest Atlanta favorites: The Lawrence, located in Midtown, had one of the best desserts I have had all summer. For the main entree, IContinue reading “Summer ATL Eats”

Sugar Factory ATL

During my childhood, the Sugar Factory was always so fascinating to me. This summer in Atlanta, my friends and I visited the location in Atlanta. It was everything I dreamed of and more. This dessert place was like no other. When you walk in, you are greeted by a bunch of beautiful chandeliers and anContinue reading “Sugar Factory ATL”

Lake Lanier July 4th Weekend

This weekend, I drove to Lake Lanier about an hour north of Atlanta to visit a friend. Lake Lanier is the biggest lake in Georgia. I was very surprised at how easy the drive was and how parking was very easy to find. My friend and I had a mini picnic near the lake andContinue reading “Lake Lanier July 4th Weekend”

Lullwater Park in Atlanta

I am so excited to spend the summer in Midtown Atlanta. I love how vibrant and exciting the city is. However, I realized that I really missed Emory. As a result, I drove about twenty minutes to their campus and ran around their Lullwater Park this weekend. This is my favorite park because it isContinue reading “Lullwater Park in Atlanta”

San Francisco Part 3

During these weeks of social distancing, I have been reminiscing on my past travels. I have already written two articles regarding my adventures during my 2018 San Francisco trip: San Francisco Part 1 and San Francisco Part 2. However, I recently found some more of my photos during that trip. One of the few museumsContinue reading “San Francisco Part 3”

Italy Cinque Terre Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

For my next Photoshop adventure, I decided to edit some of my photos from my 2017 Italy Cinque Terre trip. Here are the edits and an explanation of how I did them: For my Cinque Terre images, I applied a dry brush filter from the filter gallery. I also adjusted the hue and saturation toContinue reading “Italy Cinque Terre Reimagined: Photoshop Edition”

Why I love TV shows about small towns

I have written many articles about some of my favorite shows over the years such as Friends, How I met your mother, Sex in the City, and Psych. However, my go-to shows are always about small town living. Three examples are Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, and the newly released Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. IContinue reading “Why I love TV shows about small towns”

My First Experience with my Fujifilm Instax mini 11

My newest hobby is photography. I recently just bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters along with some instant film. I have always been in to editing photos for quite some time using vsco and iPhone XS features. However, I have never had a camera before. This camera is not onlyContinue reading “My First Experience with my Fujifilm Instax mini 11”

Easy and Cheap College Dorm Decorations

This past year, I lived in my own apartment for the first time. I love decorating my room and making it feel like home. I do not like spending much money on decorations. Photo Collage All you need for this is a bulletin board, tacks, and some printed photos. Bulletin boards can be found atContinue reading “Easy and Cheap College Dorm Decorations”