My 2 Favorite Toast Recipes

During college, I follow a predominantly carb based diet. I value simplicity when it comes to meal prep and cooking. Here are two of my favorite toast recipes that are super nutritious and easy to prep: For the first toast on the left, the ingredients I used include wheat bread, cranberry goat cheese from Costco,Continue reading “My 2 Favorite Toast Recipes”

Life After Quarantine

As Arizona begins to slowly reopen, my life has started to retain some normalcy. I still try to stay at home as much as possible. I finally left my house for the second time to pick up an iced drink from Teaspressa which is one of my absolute favorite coffee shops in Phoenix. As shownContinue reading “Life After Quarantine”

Cooking my way through Social-Distancing

As I have almost reached two full months of social-distancing, I have explored various different hobbies such as embroidery, painting, and oil pastel. I recently have gotten into cooking. I especially enjoy making dishes that have fruits in them. Here are two dishes I made recently: smoothie bowl and fruit bruschetta. Here is the recipeContinue reading “Cooking my way through Social-Distancing”

Adjusting to Social Distancing

I finally have learned how to adjust to this new normal of staying at home. I was so used to my busy college life always out and about on campus or in the city of Atlanta. However, during these last few weeks, I have grown to become more relaxed and have discovered many new hobbies.Continue reading “Adjusting to Social Distancing”

Some technology-free activities for social-distancing

During these past three weeks of social distancing, I have come up with different ways to stay busy. I have been trying to stay away from my laptop and phone unless I am doing school work. Here are some activities that I have been doing during my free time: Embroidery I used to love doingContinue reading “Some technology-free activities for social-distancing”

Cooking in College

In college, there are so many things to worry about from classes to social life to job searching. Learning how to be independent and take care of your self is a huge priority. This semester, I devoted a substantial amount of time to learn how to cook. Not only does cooking save much more moneyContinue reading “Cooking in College”