My 2019 Boston Trip Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

Recently, I have gotten very into photography. I have spending my free time learning how to use Photoshop to edit some of my travel pictures. Here are some Before and After photoshop photos that I have done on my 2019 Boston trip. The Photoshop skills that I have been practicing with are Filter Gallery andContinue reading “My 2019 Boston Trip Reimagined: Photoshop Edition”

My Favorite Boston Eats

During my summer 2019 trip to Boston, my friends and I explored and dined at many restaurants in the Cambridge area. Here are my favorites: The best dinner I had was at Pagu. They served their signature squid ink oyster bao. This was super unique. The bao was very picture-worthy and was delicious. However, theirContinue reading “My Favorite Boston Eats”

My First Experience with my Fujifilm Instax mini 11

My newest hobby is photography. I recently just bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters along with some instant film. I have always been in to editing photos for quite some time using vsco and iPhone XS features. However, I have never had a camera before. This camera is not onlyContinue reading “My First Experience with my Fujifilm Instax mini 11”

Easy and Cheap College Dorm Decorations

This past year, I lived in my own apartment for the first time. I love decorating my room and making it feel like home. I do not like spending much money on decorations. Photo Collage All you need for this is a bulletin board, tacks, and some printed photos. Bulletin boards can be found atContinue reading “Easy and Cheap College Dorm Decorations”

My Travel Tips

During college, I have started to travel more on my my own. I have become more of a frequent flyer and learned what habits work and don’t work. You can check out my College Travel page for some of the trips that I have taken recently. Here are some of my tips: Always eat aContinue reading “My Travel Tips”

My Healthy Go-To Quarantine Snacks

During these months of social distancing, I have been very busy with online classes and also have started to live a more health lifestyle. I try to exercise every day by going on the treadmill for thirty minutes. I also maintain a healthy diet. Here are some of my healthy go-to quarantine snacks: Sweet PotatoContinue reading “My Healthy Go-To Quarantine Snacks”

My Social-Distancing TV show list

During these past few months, I have been able to play catch up on some of my favorite shows and start some new ones. I primarily watch shows on three streaming services: Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. This article is a continuation of My Watchlist during social distancing week 4. Here are some of myContinue reading “My Social-Distancing TV show list”

Best Dessert Places in Atlanta

During the school year, my friends and I love to treat ourselves to dessert whether that is boba or ice cream. Here are some of our favorites: Sweet Hut Bakery (Midtown Atlanta). This is my go-to boba shop in Atlanta. It has super long hours which makes it convenient for late night study sessions. IContinue reading “Best Dessert Places in Atlanta”

Best Dessert Places in Arizona

Throughout my childhood in Arizona, I have explored many of its famous restaurants and cafes. I absolutely love trying new dessert and cafes during my free time with friends. Here are some of my favorites: Mango Rabbit (Tempe, Arizona). My friend and I absolutely adore this super cute cafe. It really made us feel nostalgicContinue reading “Best Dessert Places in Arizona”

My Beauty and Skincare Favorites

During quarantine, I have had ample time to learn about makeup brands and learn how to take better care of my skin. I have tried many different makeup brands and skincare routines and here are some of my favorites: (Please note that I am not endorsed and this is simply just my opinion based onContinue reading “My Beauty and Skincare Favorites”