Animated Procreate Designs

As I continue to learn more about how to use Procreate, I have made some animated designs using their animated assist feature. For the coffee mug below, I included animation on the cup design, snowflake, steam, and sparkles. In order to make this design, I first drew everything using the monoline and combined all theContinue reading “Animated Procreate Designs”

Fall ATL Eats Part 3

This week, I explored some more Atlanta cafes and restaurants. Here are some of my favorites: Kaldi’s Depot at Emory University’s campus, Matcha Maiko Atlanta, and Whiskey Bird. Kaldi’s depot has always been my go-to coffee shop at Emory’s campus. This season, they have a special baked maple pumpkin latte which was absolutely to dieContinue reading “Fall ATL Eats Part 3”

San Francisco Part 1

During Summer of 2018, I took my first solo trip to San Francisco. My uncle and his family live in San Francisco so I was able to explore the city with their help. Here are some of my favorites from this trip. During my first day, I went to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. ThisContinue reading “San Francisco Part 1”

Winter Break in Scottsdale, Arizona

I am very lucky that I can call Scottsdale, Arizona my hometown. It’s the place where I grew up and it holds a very special place in my heart. Each winter break, I fall in love with Scottsdale all over again. Within the past three days, I have already made the most of it andContinue reading “Winter Break in Scottsdale, Arizona”

Best Cafes in Atlanta

This midterm season, I have been trying to find different places where I could study. I love getting out the apartment and going off campus. Over the past three years, I have accumulated a bucket list for Atlanta and most of the places are either restaurants or cafes. Here are the top three cafes: MomoContinue reading “Best Cafes in Atlanta”

Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times

College midterms season is rough. With exams and essays for almost every class, everything can seem super overwhelming. You probably are in a constant state of tiredness because of staying up super late to study. In addition, you’re probably drinking lots of caffeine. I know that probably the easiest way to stay up is toContinue reading “Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times”