Lessons that I have learned as 21 Yr old

Balancing work and fun During college, there are so many things to keep in mind such as classes, your on-campus job, extracurriculars, and recruiting. However, it is so critical to make sure that you schedule time for fun as well to help destress. This could be like a weekly lunch with your friends, going offContinue reading “Lessons that I have learned as 21 Yr old”

College Do’s and Dont’s

As I am about to finish my third year of college, I have reflected on the many lessons that I have learned throughout. I have compiled a do and don’ts list for future college students so they can have as fun or even better time than me. Do’s: (The order which these are numbered doesContinue reading “College Do’s and Dont’s”

Why I love my high school friends

I am so lucky to have my high school friends. Even though we are all spread across the country from Arizona to California to Texas to Louisiana, we all still stay in contact and help each other out with the ups and downs of college life. They are always there for me and provide unconditionalContinue reading “Why I love my high school friends”

Jonas Brothers Tour: Happiness Begins

Last night, I went to the Jonas Brothers Tour: Happiness Begins. The title says it all. The tour was held at Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia. My friend and I bought tickets four months in advance and the stadium was also an hour away from Emory. Their two openers were Jordan McGraw and BebeContinue reading “Jonas Brothers Tour: Happiness Begins”

What it was like growing up Asian in Arizona

My childhood was like no other. I am a Chinese America raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. While I was born in Chicago, I have always considered Scottsdale to be my hometown. Even though I live in Atlanta now, Scottsdale will always hold a part of my heart. Scottsdale is so unique. It is a metropolitan cityContinue reading “What it was like growing up Asian in Arizona”

My Love-Hate Relationship with Young Adult Novels

Like every teen girl, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with young adult novels. From The Hunger Games series to The Fault in Our Stars, I have read it all. My childhood was filled with last-minute trips to the library to pick up that newly released YA novel. To say the least,Continue reading “My Love-Hate Relationship with Young Adult Novels”