Three more AZ adventures

During the last two weeks, I have started to explore the outdoors in Arizona some more. I have done mini photoshoots with friends at Old Town Scottsdale, Fountain Hills Park, and Tempe Beach Park. Here are some of my snapshots. Some were taken by my iPhone XS while others were shot using my Fujifilm InstaxContinue reading “Three more AZ adventures”

Photos with Instax mini 11

During the last week, I have been doing photoshoots with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera. My favorite is taking pictures of landscapes and people. I have learned many lessons through the trial and errors of taking polaroid photos. Here is a collection of some of my best photos so far: Most of these photosContinue reading “Photos with Instax mini 11”

Arizona Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

For my next Photoshop adventure, I decided to edit some photos of Arizona. Here are two of a sunset and Sedona. Feel free to check out more of my edits here. For the Sedona photo, I used the Poster Edge filter from the Filter Gallery. I then changed the Hue and Saturation. This picture isContinue reading “Arizona Reimagined: Photoshop Edition”

Best Dessert Places in Arizona

Throughout my childhood in Arizona, I have explored many of its famous restaurants and cafes. I absolutely love trying new dessert and cafes during my free time with friends. Here are some of my favorites: Mango Rabbit (Tempe, Arizona). My friend and I absolutely adore this super cute cafe. It really made us feel nostalgicContinue reading “Best Dessert Places in Arizona”

Life After Quarantine Part 2

As it has been over two months since I flew home from college, my life has been undergoing many adjustments. I recently just wrapped up finals for my junior year of college. I definitely have started to venture out of my house more as the stay at home order in Arizona is coming to anContinue reading “Life After Quarantine Part 2”

Prescott Arizona Road Trip

Last summer, my friend and I took an amazing day trip to Prescott Arizona. It is located about two hours away from Phoenix. It was such a nice escape from the city’s triple digit heat. Here are some of our snapshots and activities that we did: Our own way to Prescott, we stopped by theContinue reading “Prescott Arizona Road Trip”

Some facts about me

As I am getting closer to my 100th WordPress Blog post, I would like to re-introduce myself. These questions and answers are all written by me and reflect my beliefs. I hope this can provide more insight on the topics I write about on my website! About: Hometown: Scottsdale College: Emory Born in Phoenix? NoContinue reading “Some facts about me”

Life After Quarantine

As Arizona begins to slowly reopen, my life has started to retain some normalcy. I still try to stay at home as much as possible. I finally left my house for the second time to pick up an iced drink from Teaspressa which is one of my absolute favorite coffee shops in Phoenix. As shownContinue reading “Life After Quarantine”

Fun Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona

During college breaks, I love reuniting with my high school friends and exploring our state capital. Phoenix is often underrated. Here are some of the most memorable places that my friends and I have been to over the years: The Phoenix Art Museum and the Japanese Friendship Garden are both located in Downtown Phoenix. TheContinue reading “Fun Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona”

Hidden Gems of Scottsdale

During the past 18 years of growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, I have learned a lot about my hometown and all best places. While I have written some articles about the restaurant and cafe scene in Scottsdale, I have not talked a lot about the attractions. Here are just some of my favorites: The ScottsdaleContinue reading “Hidden Gems of Scottsdale”