Procreate Designs

Procreate Outline Designs:

Animated Procreate Designs:

Procreate Digital Illustrations Part 2

Procreate Digital Art Design:

Here is a post about how I created these collages:

Boston: Featured restaurants: Pagu (ramen and squid bao), Chicken sandwich from Milkweed, Cannoli’s from Mike’s Pastry

Atlanta: Chocolate Cake from 5Church, Matcha dessert and ube cheesecake from Matcha Cafe Maiko, Beignets from Cultivate, Pumpkin Spice donut from 5daughters, blackberry sundae from Mission + Market

Arizona: Featured restaurants include Teaspressa drinks, Ube dessert waffle from Mango Rabbit, Burger from Herb Box, Bruschetta from Postinos

Miami: Featured restaurants include: KYU Miami, Little Havana, CVI.CHE105

These two collages are of my Miami trip as well:

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