Life is Tough but so are You

This year has been such a whirlwind for me. I experienced my first love (and first heartbreak). I changed my major as a junior in college. I completed an amazing summer internship. I joined a research lab that I love. I now have my own apartment. There have been a lot of changes and lotsContinue reading “Life is Tough but so are You”

Some super cool hobbies

Since this is a personal blog, I want to share some of my hobbies over the years. As a college student, it is super hard to balance everything. However, I always try to make time for my hobbies as it helps me relax and destress. Photography I have been taking pictures since I got anContinue reading “Some super cool hobbies”

Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls

During my childhood, there have been a couple of shows that I have watched over and over again and still manage to fall in love each time. These shows include Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Gilmore Girls. I am currently in my third run of the Gilmore Girls show. Unlike popular opinion, IContinue reading “Lessons I have learned from watching Gilmore Girls”

Two more fall events in Atlanta

This week I attended two super fun events in Atlanta with my roommate. Each event I go to, I fall more in love with my city. Live in Woodruff Park: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone This event was held at Woodruff Park near Georgia State. It was a free movie screening of one ofContinue reading “Two more fall events in Atlanta”

The Internship Search Process

Fall is here. That can mean many things from leaves changing color to Halloween to the beginning of sweater weather. However, for many college students, fall means the beginning of the summer internship process. This process actually started during late summer but it can last all the way till spring. The bulk of this processContinue reading “The Internship Search Process”

Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times

College midterms season is rough. With exams and essays for almost every class, everything can seem super overwhelming. You probably are in a constant state of tiredness because of staying up super late to study. In addition, you’re probably drinking lots of caffeine. I know that probably the easiest way to stay up is toContinue reading “Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times”

The Hardest Lessons I have Learned as a 20 Year Old

From taking classes to learning how to to be independent, being a college adult is hard. I have learned so much this past year from my friends and family. I also learned a lot more about myself. I feel more comfortable and confident with who I am. Here are some lessons that I think everyoneContinue reading “The Hardest Lessons I have Learned as a 20 Year Old”

Top Three Albums that Everyone Should Listen to

Dedicated-Carly Rae Jepsen I honestly feel like this is the most underrated album of 2019. Many people know Carly Rae Jepsen as the one hit wonder of the song, “Call Me Maybe”. However, she is much more than that. She is truly a pop queen with albums like Emotion and Emotion Side B. However, IContinue reading “Top Three Albums that Everyone Should Listen to”

Best Places to eat on Buford Highway in Georgia

Buford Highway is home to some of the best Asian food in Georgia and has over half a dozen plazas with the most authentic Chinese and Korean dishes and desserts. It is about a 20 minute drive from campus. Whenever I miss my parent’s home-cooked Chinese food, I always try to make a trip toContinue reading “Best Places to eat on Buford Highway in Georgia”

Fall Events in Atlanta

Each semester, I fall in love with Atlanta all over again. Often times, it hits me at random times just how lucky I am to live in a metropolitan city that highlights Southern hospitality. Even after two full years here, I still find new places to explore. During the first month of school, I haveContinue reading “Fall Events in Atlanta”