How Social Media has Influenced My Life

Six years ago, my life changed dramatically. I joined the world of social media. Okay, so you may be thinking that I am being dramatic. But I am not. The impact of social media on our lives is often overlooked. People just accept their dependence on social media and fail to consider the consequences. SocialContinue reading “How Social Media has Influenced My Life”

My Love-Hate Relationship with Young Adult Novels

Like every teen girl, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with young adult novels. From The Hunger Games series to The Fault in Our Stars, I have read it all. My childhood was filled with last-minute trips to the library to pick up that newly released YA novel. To say the least,Continue reading “My Love-Hate Relationship with Young Adult Novels”

Best restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

Diego Pops This is my favorite Mexican place in Scottsdale. I absolutely adored the decorations. They had brightly colored Jarritos lined up against pineapple neon wallpaper. They also had signs displaying catchy phrases such as “If you don’t like tacos then I’m ‘nacho’ type”. I loved their prickly pear tea. I tried the shrimp andContinue reading “Best restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona”

Best Cafes in Scottsdale

One of the most important things you should know about me is that I love my hometown Scottsdale, Arizona. I spent almost all of my life here. I actually didn’t realize how much I loved or missed my hometown till I left for college. This summer I had an internship in Phoenix. During the weekends,Continue reading “Best Cafes in Scottsdale”

Why I decided to make my own website

A few months ago, one of my friends suggested that I should start my own website to showcase all of my writing. My friends knew that I loved writing articles for fun and suggested that I should have my own platform to write and talk about whatever I want without being limited. They were awareContinue reading “Why I decided to make my own website”