Winter Break Hobbies

This has definitely been the busiest winter break of my life. I have discovered three new hobbies that have helped greatly with coping with the limited social interaction due to COVID-19.

My three hobbies are bullet journaling, Procreate designs, and my food account.

  1. Bullet Journaling

Growing up, I loved journaling. I would write about my life and any important events. However, I gave up this hobby when college started. I recently rediscovered the benefits of bullet journaling. This is a bit different than what I was doing before. In this bullet journal, you can incorporate everything from a to-do list, calendar, gratitude list, or bucket lists. It reminds me more of a scrapbook than a journal. In addition, check out the page on my website that is devoted to bullet journaling.

2. Procreate designs

Most of my recent posts have been about all the designs I have created with my Procreate app. Some designs I focus on include outline drawings, digital illustrations, and collages. For more of my designs, check out the page on my website. In addition, I also have turned some of my Procreate designs into Redbubble stickers and products (shop: tingtingbee).

3. My food instagram account (@tingting.eats)

I started my instagram food account three months. I document my food adventures in both Atlanta and Phoenix. From this account, I have met an entire food community around the world who share my love for photography and food. I also love looking at other people’s home cooked dishes and learning more about other restaurant recommendations. Furthermore, I have learned more about social media marketing.

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