Animated Procreate Designs

As I continue to learn more about how to use Procreate, I have made some animated designs using their animated assist feature.

For the coffee mug below, I included animation on the cup design, snowflake, steam, and sparkles.

In order to make this design, I first drew everything using the monoline and combined all the layers.

Using the animated assist function, I added four frames total. In each frame, I redrew the designs for the sparkles and steam, and snowflakes. I also alternated the color of the cup design. I then changed the settings so that there were five frames per second played on a loop.

For this design, I combined my love for animation and digital illustration in one. I had this drawing already done and combined all the layers so that it formed the background. I then added animation on the flare brush. I used three frames total and changed the settings to five frames per second on a ping pong setting. I basically redrew the white sparkles using the flare brush per frame.

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