Procreate Landscape Designs

As I continue to perfect my Procreate skills, I have created two landscape designs: Desert view + Night sky. Here is more information about how I created these two pieces.

For the night sky creation, I used different layers for different elements of the piece. I first started off with a purple circle and then added another layer for the painted landscape. I used the paint brush called Tamar and the monoline brush for the circle. I then use monoline to draw the palm trees. I used the brush glitter (under luminance) for the white stars and Flare (under luminance) for the bright stars. The monoline brush was used once again for the letters.

For the desert landscape, I started off with a yellow circle and then also the Tamar paint brush for the sunset colors. I used monoline to draw the cactuses and the handlettering. I also applied the drawing guide so that the letters and lines would be more even.

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