How to create Procreate Collages

I have recently gotten into creating Procreate designs. I love photography as well so I thought it would be perfect to teach myself how to create collages on procreate. Check out my page on Procreate designs.

Here are also some of the sample collages that I have made:

To create these designs, the first step is to download the Procreate App which costs around $9 on the Apple App Store.

This app is incredibly easy to use and I mostly self taught myself the tips and tricks.

The most critical step is how to use layers correctly. I import each of the photos I want to use on a separate layer. Then I use the arrow move tool to move and rotate each photo so that the they are all in the correct orientation. The layers part is important. If you put a layer above another one, the photo will appear on top of the other photos.

I try to rotate and align the photos so that the focus on the food and not the background. These collages took about ten minutes each to create.

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