Bullet Journal Ideas December

Another one of my creative hobbies recently has been bullet journaling. I have always loved journaling. I have had journals since I was in 6th grade. I briefly took a pause in college but now have rediscovered my passion during quarantine.

The difference between bullet journaling and actual journaling is that bullet journal is more make it your own. Many stores sell journals with prompts. However, I like making my journals more personalized. I bought a blank notebook from the company Paperage. I like this type of notebook since there are no lines.

I have included a monthly and weekly spread for the month of December.

I like incorporating hand drawings in my designs as well. For the weekly spread, I make sure to have a gratitude section for every day along with a to-do list. I really value the gratitude section. It is important to reflect the positive parts of your life. I had a smaller to do section for the month of December since classes are finally over.

For these hand draw designs, I love use the Prisma color pencils. I will include another post regarding the handlettering pencils and markers that I use for the headers.

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