Lessons From my Food Insta Page

I started my food instagram page (@tingting.eats) in September 2020. During college, one of my favorite hobbies was going out to eat with my friends and taking picture of my food. We would always joke that the camera always eats first. In September, I realized that I had over 200 photos on my phone alone and wanted to be able to share my food adventures with the world.

I didn’t know how to make my food insta become successful at first. I was very picky with the content that I posted and made sure to use a lot of hashtags and tag the restaurant that I would post of. In addition, I would try to include a variety of different types of cuisines and types of food as well. Furthermore, if a restaurant had cute aesthetics, I also made sure to include pictures of the vibe as well.

To gain more follows, I followed a bunch of food bloggers. I was surprised to see how nice everyone is and we all commented and liked each other posts and followed back of course. It is super fun to see all the different places people go to eat and what they cook. I always add them to my saved collections on Instagram so I can check out their recommendations. Furthermore, we each have different styles when it comes to our posts.

Beyond just posts, I also have expanded to creating Guides on my Instagram profile that summarize my favorites in Atlanta and Phoenix.

The most success I have had is with reels. I posted two reels of my trip to Sedona this past week and each of them had much more success than I had anticipated.

I hope to use my skills and further increase the popularity of my account! Feel free to check out my content @tingting.eats!

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