Finding myself again Senior Yr of College Part 2

During 2020, I felt like I changed three times. There was a brief moment of four months were I truly lost myself. I didn’t recognize who I was anymore.

However, I always find myself again after coming home to Arizona for a while. This time back home, I have focused more on my hobbies such as writing and photography and also explored new hobbies such as Procreate. One of my favorite past times is promoting and updating my food and travel instagram account (@tingting.eats). I love learning more about social media tools and how to reach the biggest audience.

When I focus on myself and value other people’s opinions secondary to mine, I feel truly fulfilled. I recognize that I control the decisions that I make and I am responsible for my own happiness. I love valuing self-growth and seeing what my potential is for other hobbies outside of an academic setting.

In addition, when I surround myself with people who have been there for me throughout my life, I feel grounded. I feel the most relaxed at home.

I also realize how fast time flies and how I must make the most of every moment. I treasure the time I can spend with my family and friends. I feel like I am even busier than ever before and that 24 hours in a day is not enough.

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