Finding myself again Senior Year of College Part 1

I am wrapping up my fall semester of my senior year of college. I am definitely very different than who I was at the beginning of college. 2020 has been quite a whirlwind with covid, moving apartments three times, and just traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Phoenix.

I also recently have been trying to focus on myself again. I came out of my second relationship in college and I am trying to rediscover who I am without this person. This person changed my life and I am grateful for him. However, I lost myself once again in this process. I realized I was prioritizing my boyfriend’s needs over my own. The relationship ended because we realized that we couldn’t change each other to what the other person wanted us to be. We gave it our all. It didn’t work out and it’s for the best. It was a learning lesson.

(Thankfully I wrote many articles about relationships and self-care after my first breakup. See the Lifestyle and Self-Care pages on my website for more).

This relationship was very different than my first one. This guy and I were total opposites, had different values, and clashing personalities. The good times were wonderful but the lows were very bad.

After I came out of this relationship, I felt very lost. Of course, I hadn’t been single in several months. I had to find myself and be comfortable with just me. I got into this relationship due to loneliness. This guy was the complete opposite of my usual type.

It definitely has been challenging and a work in progress. These days I have been focusing a lot on my hobbies such as writing, photography, and drawing. I enjoy spending a lot of quality time with family and friends during the holiday season as well. Surrounding yourself with positive people who want the best for you and are there for you during the ups and downs is one of the key steps in recovering from a breakup. I am incredibly grateful to have friends on both sides of the country who are there for me in a heartbeat.

At the end of the day, the only person who can truly help you recover from heartbreak is you. Only I know the relationship and what I went through. As a result, I am the only one who can heal myself. I have to learn how to prioritize and value self-care.

I want to devote time to my hobbies such as making my food instagram (@tingting.eats) more popular, increasing the views on my website, and focusing on drawing and design.

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