My Must Haves Fall 2020 edition

This year with online zoom classes, I have been trying to make my office space much more cozy but also productive. Here are a few tools and items that have helped me tremendously.

  1. IPad Air 4th generation (green color)

Throughout the first three years of college, I used notebooks for note taking. I didn’t realize until recently how much it slowed me down with productivity. However, now with my ipad, I can take notes much faster with the apple pencil and apps such as Microsoft OneNote and Notability.

2. Instax Fujifilm printer

I have written many articles regarding my love for my Polaroid camera. My new favorite is my instax fujifilm printer which can connect wirelessly to my iPhone and print out polaroid prints. The benefit with this is that you can add filters and edit the photo before printing.

I love polaroid prints as they make great small gifts and they also make good dorm decorations.

3. Bluelight glasses

Since I have a very sedentary lifestyle with a day full of online classes, my screen time is very high. I recently discovered blue light glasses that I can wear over my contacts which help decrease the screen glare and prevent headaches. I got my from Target but I know that many retailers such as Amazon also sell them. Mine are non prescription as well.

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