AZ Eats Part 1

I have now been home for about two weeks. During this time, I have been busy studying and enjoying the perfect weather in Arizona. I want to talk about two of my favorite food places in Arizona. The first one is Mountain View Thai Cafe in Fountain Hills and the other is Schmooze Bar and Breakfast in Old Town Scottsdale.

I love Schmooze. It is definitely my go-to study place in Scottsdale. I love how they have both a nice outdoor and indoor study tables. They have a very unique concept where they serve food, coffee, and alcohol. It is super quiet and it is perfect for finals studying. In addition, it is also very aesthetic. I loved their Avocado toast. It was interesting how they added chili flakes for more flavor.

I am a huge fan of acai bowls. My go-to is Mountain View Thai Coffee located next to the famous Fountain Hills park. It was perfect dish for a picnic. I love Fountain Hills Park since I can admire how pretty Arizona is and enjoy the perfect fall weather.

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