Fall ATL Eats Part 5

As I continue my fall adventures in Atlanta, I have discovered a few more restaurants that I have fallen in love with: Chopt creative salad, Mission+ Market, and Cultivate food and coffee

Chopt Creative Salad has many locations and I am very fortunate to have one located at Toco Hills, which is just ten minutes from Emory’s campus. I ordered the Asian crunch salad and it was amazing. The salads also come with two pieces of bread. The best part about Chopt is that you can see how the servers prepare and mix your salad.

I discovered the Mission and Market and Cultivate Food and coffee restaurants from my instagram. They both definitely lived up to the hype. At mission and market, my friend and I ordered the brisket and avocado pizza along with the blackberry sundae. I never knew that avocado tasted so good on pizza. The blackberry sundae had ice cream from Jeni’s splendid ice cream. They also had patio seating along with validated garage parking.

For Cultivate Food and Coffee, I got the avocado toast and the beignets with blueberry jam. I have made my own avocado toast at home before but the restaurant ones were far superior. In addition, the beignets were amazing as well. Cultivate has a patio seating with limited parking.

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