My Favorite TV Shows RN

This semester, I have not had as much time to watch tv as previous semesters. However, I still made it through two series: Emily in Paris and the award-winning Schitt’s Creek. Both of these are on Netflix.

Emily in Paris is about a young American girl named Emily (portrayed by Lily Collins) who moves to Paris for her marketing job. The TV show is about how she deals with language barrier challenges, cultural shock and friendship/relationship problems. She is not used to the French style of living and has a hard time making friends with her co-workers and boss. This show is very unique as it incorporates social media into the show. Emily also runs her own instagram account called Emily in Paris which details her Paris adventures. To her surprise, she gains a large following and becomes an influencer in addition to her marketing job.

I found out about Schitt’s Creek after it’s huge sweep at the Emmy Awards. I was a bit reluctant to begin the show as I did not know of any major actors in the show. It is a Canadian show that is created by a father-son duo who also play the main characters, Johnny and David respectively. I love how many these are present in the show such as family, friendship, rich vs poor, and hard work. Each of the characters are so unique. My favorite is David’s sister, Alexis, as I relate to her the most.

I highly recommend you to check out these two shows.

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