Fall ATL Eats Part 3

This week, I explored some more Atlanta cafes and restaurants. Here are some of my favorites: Kaldi’s Depot at Emory University’s campus, Matcha Maiko Atlanta, and Whiskey Bird.

Kaldi’s depot has always been my go-to coffee shop at Emory’s campus. This season, they have a special baked maple pumpkin latte which was absolutely to die for. It was super nice to do work on their patio.

Whiskey bird has been on my Atlanta bucket list for several years now. We had to make a reservation and on there we could specify patio which made social-distancing easier. For brunch I ordered their Hong Kong bubble waffle with fried chicken. I also love how they have contactless payment methods through a bar code.

This weekend, I also tried Match Maiko Atlanta’s limited edition ube Japanese cheesecake. I have been seeing ube cheesecakes all over my food instagram and recently discovered that it is a purple sweet potato. This cheesecake was super good and it had the perfect level of sweetness.

Go check out my food insta for more information: @tingting.eats

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