Inman Park Atlanta

Inman Park has some of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta: Bread & Butterfly, Hampton +Hudson and Bar Taco.

Out of these three restaurants, I have frequented Hampton + Hudson the most. This has both a super cute outdoor seating patio along with an aesthetic indoor seating. It is great for brunch and dinner. Their indoor vibe is similar to that of a sports bar. For brunch, I got their waffles with fruit and fried chicken. This is my go-to dish there and they never fail to disappoint. For dinner, I ordered their crispy chicken sandwich.

Bar Taco has many locations in Atlanta but my favorite one is at Inman park because of their outdoor patio. Their tables were very spread out and they also had barcode ordering. I love their tacos and this time I ordered baja fish, mojo pork carnitas, and glazed pork belly.

Bread and Butterfly has been on my bucket list ever since I moved to Atlanta. I have tried coming here many times before I was finally successful. Many of the previous times had too long of a wait time. My friend and I went during a weekday for lunch and it was also fairly busy. For lunch, I ordered their soft omelette and greens along with their crispy fried potatoes with aioli. I loved their potatoes while their omelette was quite mediocre. They definitely had a very aesthetic seating area.

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