College Friendly and Healthy Dinner Recipes

This summer, I have tried to eat healthy and stay fit. I used to not like cooking at all since I thought it took too much effort and time. However, my parents taught me two super easy dishes that I can cook in the comfort of my own apartment with very little time.

For the first dish on the left, I used a fried egg, tomato, onion. Other ingredients include soy sauce, quarter lemon and sugar for seasoning. The first step was to fry two eggs. I then washed and cut the tomato and onion. I used one of each. I then cooked the tomato and onion with one spoon of soy sauce, lemon juice from a quarter lemon, and sugar. I tasted the tomato juice to adjust the seasoning. I covered the lid of the pot for three minutes then added the fried egg. Afterwards, I covered the lit of the pot for a total of five minutes and then the dish was finished.

The second dish on the right, I used a half a plate of ground beef (93% lean), two yellow potatoes, and one red pepper. I first marinated the beef with two teaspoons of soy sauce, one spoon of oil, and two pieces of ginger. I then cut and washed the red peppers and potatoes into slices. I first cooked the beef in a skillet till it turned brown and then added the red peppers and potatoes. I added soy sauce and water to adjust the saltiness.

Both of these dishes are well complemented by a side of rice. Rice can be cooked in an instant pot for 12 minutes.

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