Summer ATL Eats

This summer, one of my favorite activities is going to eat at restaurants with patios with my friends. Even before quarantine, I was a major foodie. Here are some of my newest Atlanta favorites:

The Lawrence, located in Midtown, had one of the best desserts I have had all summer. For the main entree, I had their friend fish filet with fries. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the fish filet. The dessert was a summer peach milk cake which was absolutely delicious. The cake itself was not too dry and the peaches were very ripe.

The Henry, which is also located in Midtown, had one of the best outdoor seating. It is across from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. I loved their picnic tables outside and how there were actual trees in the patio. This offered a much needed shade.

I also recently discovered a new boba place near Emory’s campus called Tea Leaf in Decatur. I have had their brown sugar marble bubble tea as pictured above twice in own week now. I thought their price was very reasonable for this size boba. In addition, they also had many other drinks such as their fresh peach smoothie which were also worth it.

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