Anderson Sunflower Farm

To celebrate the end of this week, my friend and I went to the Anderson Sunflower Farm in Cumming, Georgia (about an hour away from Atlanta).

I have never been to a farm or a sunflower farm before and it truly blew away my expectations. The farm had a giant field of beautiful sunflowers. In addition, the farm was also very family-friendly. They sold lemonade, cold drinks and even placed different photo booth areas. They had rustic trucks and tractors out on the field as well for photo opportunities. The employees were incredibly nice and welcoming. In addition, it only cost $20 per car for admissions.

My friend and I even purchased cut sunflowers for a dollar each. We had the time of our lives taking pictures within the fields and on the trucks. We were quite surprised that there were not as many bees as expected. We stayed for about an hour till the hot humid Georgia weather made it difficult to take pictures.

It was also very easy to social-distance since the farm is super large and makes it easy for groups to stay away from each other.

I highly recommend everyone visit this farm. It truly made my week!

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