Photos with Instax Mini 11 Part 2

During my summer in Atlanta, I have been trying to do as many photoshoots as I can. I love bringing my camera with me as I go on walks and picnics. I have previously written an article about my experience with my camera in Arizona.

Here are some of my shots from my Georgia adventures.

These picture were either taken at Piedmont Park, Lake Lanier, Stone Mountain, Ponce City Market or from my Midtown apartment.

Some of these photos are definitely better than others.

Similarly to what I wrote about in my previous article, lighting is really the key factor for all of these photos. The bottom picture with the swing is one of my favorites. What makes this picture good is that there is just the right amount of lighting. The swing doesn’t look too dark and you can still see the shadows of the trees.

Another one of my favorites is the top photo of the Midtown Atlanta skyline. This photo was shot when there was a cloudy day. This was tricky since there was not that much sunlight.

In addition, it is also important to consider your distance from the subject. For example, the bottom right photo of Piedmont Park was taken a bit far away. I wanted to capture the building but I ended up with more of the park than the actual building.

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