Calming Activities after a long day

This summer, I have been working 40 hours a week. When the day is over, all I want to do is just relax and destress. Here are some of my tips. These are also social-distancing friendly!

  1. Take a walk

During my walks, I have explored much more of Midtown Atlanta and taken note of the restaurants and cafes near me. I love the city skyline view and admire the sunset from my balcony.

2. Do a face mask

I absolutely love face masks. My favorite are the Yes to paper masks (sold at Target). I did a cucumber one recently and it completely changed my mindset. I was exhausted before I put the face mask on and when I took it off, I was completely refreshed. My face mask routine is lying down for 10 minutes with my eyes closed as I listen to some of my favorite albums.

3. Read a book

I haven’t read a novel for fun in years. During a recent Target trip, I discovered some novels that seemed very interesting. I don’t like reading e-books since I spend my whole day on a screen. Last night, I finished the novel titled The Friend Zone in one sitting. I love fiction and romantic comedy books.

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