ATL Takeout Social-Distancing Style

During the last two weeks, I have ordered food from many of the Midtown Atlanta restaurants and cafes. I am happy that the quality of the food still has remained the same regardless of dine-in or takeout. Here are some of my favorites.

The three places that I have gone to recently are Momo Cafe, Sweet Hut Bakery, and Food Terminal. I absolutely love the drinks and pastries at Momo Cafe. Two of my favorites are the brown sugar and black sesame latte. They have a special takeout window to minimize contact. I also enjoy their black sesame pastries which is not pictured above.

Sweet Hut Bakery is my go-to for boba. I love their classic milk tea or their creme brulee drink. They also have some of the best pastries such as red bean and taro buns. However, when I went an hour before closing, they were already all out of these pastries.

The quality of food at Food Terminal is always very reliable. Almost all of the dishes that I have tried from them from wonton noodles to their buns have been of the highest quality. In addition, they also have very fast service.

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