Scrapbooking: Italy Edition

Throughout my childhood, I loved scrapbooking. I made scrapbooks of all my vacations and high school years. It was a bit hard to keep up during college. However, recently I decided to improve some of my old scrapbooks. Here are some tips on how to make your scrapbook extra special. This is from my Italy 2017 scrapbook.

My go-to is the Smash by K & Company book. These books come bound with different scrapbooking pages. They have different themes as well. I love this brand because it is super high quality and durable. It gives me the flexibility to add brochures, text and photos to my scrapbook.

In my scrapbooks, I like to spread out the pictures. Every other page I would do one specifically dedicated to landscape pictures. I also include pictures of me and my family (not shown in the gallery above). I also enjoy including pictures of my food along with the ticket stubs from different museums. I arrange and organize the photos to create some variety between the pages. I try to only overlap photos if it doesn’t cover the subject of each photo. In the fourth picture, I put up one of the photos to make it look more unique.

To further decorate the pages, I bought different travel stickers. I also try to caption all the photos as well so there is more information. I match the theme of the page to the pictures. Some pages in the Smash book are better devoted to landscape while others are more suited for pictures of people.

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