Photos with Instax mini 11

During the last week, I have been doing photoshoots with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera. My favorite is taking pictures of landscapes and people. I have learned many lessons through the trial and errors of taking polaroid photos. Here is a collection of some of my best photos so far:

Most of these photos were taken either in my neighborhood, Fountain Hills Park, or Old Town Scottsdale.

I realized the most important part about shooting landscape is the lighting. I have to take all my photos before sunset to ensure that the subject has enough light. If there isn’t enough light, the photos end up having silhouette outlines which doesn’t show much detail. In addition, too much light can also make the photo turn out poorly. The subject will appear white and there would be no contrast between colors. Taking pictures of sunsets is very tricky as there has to be enough light.

The lighting also affects shooting selfies. Thankfully, the little mirror located next to the lens helps the photographer determine what the image might look like. However, sometimes the mirror cannot show the lighting as well. I have taken a few selfies and my face either looks too bright or too dark. It is also better to take selfies when the background does not match your outfit.

In addition, another tip is to take a picture of the polaroid using your phone right after it is developed so that even if you misplace the polaroid, you still have a copy of the image.

It is definitely true that the quality of photos is not as good on the Instax mini 11 as an iPhone camera. However, I think the fun of having developed photos outweigh the disadvantages.

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