My 2019 Boston Trip Reimagined: Photoshop Edition

Recently, I have gotten very into photography. I have spending my free time learning how to use Photoshop to edit some of my travel pictures. Here are some Before and After photoshop photos that I have done on my 2019 Boston trip.

The Photoshop skills that I have been practicing with are Filter Gallery and Adjustment Layers. On this after photo, I applied the plastic bubble wrap filter and played with the brightness and contrast. This is a picture I took of the Boston Financial District. This filter really brought out the texture of the plants.

In this edit, I also applied a Palette Knife Filter from the filter gallery. In addition, I also used the Color Replacement tool to make the color of the sky a bit darker. I also replaced the red flowers with the bush color. I chose this filter since it made the image look more like a painting. This is also of the Boston Financial District.

In this edit, I used the Dry Brush filter from the Filter Gallery. I also adjusted the Brightness and Contrast. In addition, I used color replacement tool to change the sky color and the right pavement color. I made the right pavement color more gray. It is a bit tricky to replace colors with other colors of the photo. I typically choose a new color. The Photoshop edit provided more contrast with the flowers. This photo is from the Boston Public Garden.

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