My Favorite Boston Eats

During my summer 2019 trip to Boston, my friends and I explored and dined at many restaurants in the Cambridge area. Here are my favorites:

The best dinner I had was at Pagu. They served their signature squid ink oyster bao. This was super unique. The bao was very picture-worthy and was delicious. However, their ramen was average.

Another memorable dinner was at Saloniki’s Greek Restaurant at Harvard Square. After a day of touring Harvard and sightseeing, my friend and I devoured our dinner at this restaurant. I got a gyro wrap along with fries.

For dessert, we stopped by Mike’s Pastries which was also at Harvard Square. I have never had a cannoli before. I fell in love with this dessert instantly. This dessert shop was bustling with college students and teenagers who also wanted to try this dessert. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the different kinds of cannoli so I simply opted for the classic chocolate cannoli.

For my last meal in Boston, my friend and I went to Milkweed which was located next to the Isabelle Stewart Gardener museum. I loved my chicken sandwich. It was the perfect place to have one last catch up session with my friend before I went back to Phoenix.

I absolutely loved all the meals I had in Boston and I am so lucky to have been able to share that with my friends.

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