Lessons learned during Social-Distancing Part 2

As states start to reopen, my life has started to somewhat go back to normal. Of course, I still practice all the necessary safety precautions. During these past few months, I have learned many lessons. This article is a continuation of the article Lessons learned during social distancing part 1.

  1. It is totally understandable to treat yourself

This is a difficult time for everyone and I have definitely taken time to relax and decompress. I reward myself during my study breaks with a coffee run or participate in one of my hobbies. It is okay to not be productive 24/7.

2. Learn a new skill

I have learned and perfected many hobbies during my quarantine time such as embroidery, water color painting, polaroid photography, and oil pastel. I love being able to further improve my skills.

3. Connect with others

I really missed having the physical interaction with others but Facetime calls and Zoom group calls have helped. Recently, I have met up with a few friends for hikes and walks along the park though we all wear masks and keep our distance. It is super important to balance work with social life.

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