Easy and Cheap College Dorm Decorations

This past year, I lived in my own apartment for the first time. I love decorating my room and making it feel like home. I do not like spending much money on decorations.

  1. Photo Collage

All you need for this is a bulletin board, tacks, and some printed photos. Bulletin boards can be found at stores for less than $20 and printed photos cost just 10 cents each. It is super fun to put together photo collages. I have several of my friends and family in my apartment and it really makes me happy to see the photos. Whenever, I am having a tough day, these photos remind me of how grateful I am.

2. Succelent

These small plants can sell for a few dollars. I got one at one of Emory’s club fairs for $3 and it lasted for several months. The only problem is that sometimes the plant can lead to bugs so be careful with this suggestion.

3. Posters

Each year, Emory has an on campus poster sale. During this sale, I bought two posters of my two favorite shows of all time: Friends and How I met your mother for less than $10 each. These posters have lasted over three years now and it really adds my personality to the room.

4. Tapestry

While some super nice tapestry can go for as much as $50 at Urban Outfitters, I have found some super cute ones on Amazon with the same quality for around $10 each. I bought a sunflower one for my own bedroom and a cactus tapestry for the living room that my roommates and I all share.

The featured photo above is actually a picture of what my bedroom in my apartment looks like.

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