My Travel Tips

During college, I have started to travel more on my my own. I have become more of a frequent flyer and learned what habits work and don’t work. You can check out my College Travel page for some of the trips that I have taken recently. Here are some of my tips:

  1. Always eat a meal before the flight

No matter how long the flight is, it is important to eat something before. Not only is airplane food not healthy, it is also gross. I occasionally do eat the snacks they provide but never the full meals.

2. Buy a bottle of water before boarding

I generally try my best to not drink airplane beverages either. I don’t know where the source of the water is and I feel more comfortable if I drank out of a plastic water bottle. However, it is crucial that you don’t drink so much water that you constantly have to use the airplane bathroom.

3. Always have at least a change of clothes and all the essentials in your carry on

I have had a few instances where the airline have lost my baggage. By storing all essentials and valuables in the carry-on suitcase, the situation is much less stressful.

4. Try to take red-eyes for long flights to help with jet-lag

I generally take non-stop flights to Phoenix to Atlanta but generally when I am flying from west coast to east coast, I prefer to take flights that depart Phoenix at night. This allows me to sleep the entire time on the plane and wake up refreshed and ready to start my day in the east coast city.

5. Do not overpack

I cannot stress this enough. I always want to be prepared for any situations and I love planning back up outfits. However, overpacking can lead to a stressful situation when you have to pack up when the trip is over. It is hard to keep track of all your belongings. There have been many times where I lose a sock or some stationary utilities. In addition,I like to buy gifts for my friends and family on my trips so I like to have some space in my luggage as well.

I understand that every one will have different thoughts and travel routines. These are just some tips that I follow.

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