My Social-Distancing TV show list

During these past few months, I have been able to play catch up on some of my favorite shows and start some new ones. I primarily watch shows on three streaming services: Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. This article is a continuation of My Watchlist during social distancing week 4. Here are some of my recent favorites:

  1. Psych (Amazon Prime). I have heard many friends talk about this show throughout my childhood and I finally decided to check it out. It is a detective show about a duo who help solve crimes for the Santa Barbara Police Department. The main character, Shawn Spencer, is a mentalist who pretends to be a psychic and becomes a private consultant for the police department. I typically am not a huge crime show person but this show really caught my eye as it focuses more on the comedy and the crime solving than the actual crime. This is a more light hearted version of Hawaii Five 0.
  2. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Hulu). One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV. I love learning about how celebrities live their lives. I am very impressed with how each of the Kardashians have their own business and brand. I learned a lot of useful lessons from the show. The show really brought a more human side to the celebrity side.
  3. Normal People (Hulu). I saw an ad about this TV show and I decided to check it out. It is about a couple who secretly start to have a relationship during high school and then part ways before university. Their relationship is reignited when they reunite in university. This show really highlights young love, career vs love, and the struggles of growing up.

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